The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle

An edition with TEI P4 markup, expressed in XML and translated to XHTML1.1 using XSLT.

Welcome to my on-line edition of the Chronicle.

At present, only the "A" text is reliable. The "B" text has completed its' first check. The remaining texts are unchecked, and have known defects (e.g. missing verse annals). The "Common Stock" is a test of web presentation methods only.

Recent Changes

6 Aug 2007
Completed first-pass checking of "C" text
13 Dec 2006
Fixed collation for manuscripts ABCDE
4 Dec 2006
Moved to new site and changed contact email address
22 Jan 2006
Removed dynamic XSLT version
Added navigation bars to all pages
30 Dec 2005
Completed first-pass checking of "B" text

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